BMS Users

The plain and simple truth 

Is that BMS is in use by thousands of people every day all over the world in their work at the Radio stations, no matter small or huge national stations. They still depend on the BMS Systems for their daily broadcasts.


Why ?

BMS simplifies life and radically lowers cost. If you get to know BMS you will understand how. Some of our clients claims they had to spend twice the time with other systems. Please take a look at BMS Station Family , BMS Newsroom pack, SQL database, BMS TimeLine TV VT, BMS Edit Radio "The Fastest Editor on the planet" and the Value Added BMS Illustrator functionality.


Value Added Radio

BMS supplies a link of meta data to synchronized crossmedia like WEB, WAP, DAB, RDS and others. Through that the BMS stations can stretch their reach and offer Added Value to both their listeners and their advertisers and thus improve their competetive situation in all aspects.


Example of Clients BMS System or solutions



Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company       -             Complete BMS systems and BMS Edit Pro  > 60 users

Radio Nord                                                              -             Complete BMS system

Radio Viking                                                            -             Complete BMS system

Radio Hässlehom                                                    -             Complete BMS system

Radio Plus                                                               -             Complete BMS system

Sveriges Radio 5.1 Multikanalsljud                         -             Complete BMS 5.1 DTS system, DTS coded 5.1

Hola Folkhögskola                                                     -             Complete BMS system

Riddarfjärdsskolan                                                    -             Complete BMS system

Radio Umeå                                                               -             Complete BMS system

IRIS Intermedia AB                                                   -             Complete BMS Edit Pro system

Kalix folkhögskola                                                     -             BMS Edit Pro system                   -            

A one Production                                                      -             BMS Edit Pro system

Wayfinder systems                                                   -             BMS Edit Pro system

Swedish Radio (1950 users in total)                       -             BMS Equalizer & Dynamics DX Plug Ins




Norwegian Broadcasting Alltid Klassisk                  -             Complete BMS system for FM, DAB and Web

Norwegian Broadcasting                                          -             BMS Edit Radio

Lynor                                                                           -             BMS system, Certified BMS Service & Support engineer 

GIMLEKOLLEN RADIO                                              -             Complete BMS system

Radio DSF                                                                  -             Complete BMS system

Radio Lyngdal                                                            -             Complete BMS system

Radio Kvinesdal                                                          -             Complete BMS system

Radio Melöy                                                               -             Complete BMS system

Norea Radio                                                               -             Complete BMS system

Birkeland Folkehøgskole                                           -             BMS Edit Radio

Melsom Videregående skole                                    -             BMS Edit Pro

HB Multimedia                                                            -             BMS systems, Certified BMS Service & Support engineer






Finnish Broadcasting Ylen Klassinen                      -             Complete BMS system for FM, DAB and Web

University of Jyväskylä                                              -             Complete BMS system, BMS Edit Pro

Finnish Broadcasting TV                                           -             BMS Edit





BBC News                                                                  -             Complete BMS systems

IRIS Intermedia AB                                                   -             Complete BMS Edit Pro system





Offener Kanal Radio Jena                                        -             Complete BMS system

Offener Kanal Radio Marburg                                  -             Complete BMS system

Offene Kanal Nordhausen                                       -             Complete BMS system

Offene Kanal Wartburg Radio                                  -             Complete BMS system

 VST Systemtechnik                                                  -             BMS systems , Certified BMS Service & Support engineer




Magyar Rádió, Hungarian National Radio             -             Complete BMS,  BMS Edit Radio

Pecsi Rádió, Hungarian National Radio                  -             Complete BMS System




Radio Romantic                                                          -             Complete BMS system,  BMS Edit Radi





Radio Proto                                                                -             Complete BMS system





Romance Radio                                                          -             Complete BMS system

Radio Abysse                                                              -             Complete BMS system






Reise-sender Kelmis                                                  -             Complete BMS system




Monsterhits FM                                                         -             Complete BMS system

Brodcastparts Bv HW




Europa 2                                                                    -             Complete BMS system





ERTU                                                                           -             Complete BMS system




University of Addis Ababa                                        -             Complete BMS systems, BMS Edit Radio

National Radio                                                           -             Complete BMS systems, BMS Edit Radio




ORTF                                                                           -             BMS Edit




Radio Portugal RDP                                                  -             Complete BMS system




University of La Coruna                                            -             Complete BMS Edit SQL System





PlayTV Ljubljana                                                       -             BMS TimeLine TV VT

AEA Media d.o.o                                                       -             BMS systems , Certified BMS Service & Support engineer



South Africa


Advanced 3D GrafX                                                  -             BMS TimeLine TV VT

Spirit Word Channel                                                  -             BMS TimeLine TV VT




VAZ Radio                                                                  -             Complete BMS system





Family TV & Radio                                                    -             Complete BMS system



Faroe Islands


Útvarp Føroya National Radio                                  -             Complete BMS sys, BMS SQL, BMS Edit, BMS DX Plugins





Broadcast Richardson                                               -             Complete BMS systems

KHAHA.COM                                                               -             Complete BMS system

KYBE 95.7                                                                  -             Complete BMS system

Northern Illinois University                                      -             BMS TV System, BMS Edit Pro

CHICAGO University                                                 -             BMS Edit Pro

Syntax Media, Chicago                                             -             BMS TV System, BMS Edit Pro 

RELL.COM                                                                  -             Complete BMS system



And many more in the same or other countries all over the world.