Radio, TV & Streaming Media production, edit and playout systems
Alive and Loved
Not just automation, BMS offers you that + Live nerv feel that your listeners love.

Of course there's a bit more to radio than just playing that tune like a jukebox machine. There are a million ways to just play that tune but there is only your station to get that feel.

Stay Alive with BMS, be Loved

BMS offers unsurpassed live control for production of live nerv radio.
Check the BMS Playout and the Live and Live assist modes it uses.
BMS Your connection to all media

If you think broadcast is important BMS is your choice.


Creating real true time savings, BMS combines flexibility, quality and technology in a unique user friendly way creating the best possible solution for your station.

BMS Live, BMS 24 Bit radio, BMS Levelyzer, Timeline automation, Multiple datasources are some of the key BMS technologies You benefit from.