Alive and Loved
Many systems offers automation, but BMS offers you that + Live nerv feel tools that your listeners love.

Using BMS you can tailor a system to fit your need regardless if you are a big organisation or a single station. 

BMS system overview
BMS Specification

       BMS common features

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BMS EditRadio
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BMS Edit comes in many flavors (An overview pdf)
BMS Edit In depth information
BMS EditRadio, BMS Edit AudioBook, BMS EditDaisy, produces Audio Books in Daisy format. BMS Edit I/O, API for third party developers to fit with other systems

The Standard BMS EditRadio is 600 Eur

Of course there's a bit more to radio than just playing that tune like a machine. There are a million ways to just get that tune but there is only your station to get that feel.
Stay Alive with BMS, be Loved
BMS offers unsurpassed live control for production of live nerv radio.
Check the BMS Playout controller and the Live and Live assist modes it uses.