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Audio Production & Asset creation

· BMS EditRadio, 2 - 32 channel audio editor for all audio formats simultaneously. CD ripping.

· BMS-SR1 Scheduled audio recorder

· BMS-L1 Library manager including CD ripping with auto cue function and FreeDB connection.

· BMS-P1 Playlist manager with voice-tracking.

· BMS-C1 Controller with voice-tracking, scheduled and instant recording.

· BMS Utilities  File conversion and CD ripping.

Asset management

· BMS EditRadio, ODBC version for connection to any ODBC connectable databases.

· BMS-L1 Library manager providing management for all media including data imports from other databases such as ODBC connectable databases.

· BMS-DB Management of BMS SQL databases.

Playlist creation

· BMS-P1 Playlist  manager, manual and automatic creation according to dynamic profiles, macro creation, insertion and merging . Dynamic imports from other systems, e.g. RCS Selector and BBC Nocturne etc. Unique time line editing with fades.

· BMS-C1 Controller, manual playlist creation, unique time line editing with fades, ODBC connectable to other systems and databases.

· BMS-L1 Library manager, manual playlist creation.


· BMS-P1 Playlist manager providing scheduling dialog for consistent management of the set up of playlists and for into different modes: Automatic, Live Assist and manual.

· BMS-C1 Controller providing scheduling dialog for consistent management of playlist scheduling in three different modes: Automatic, Live Assist and manual.

OnAir Playout

· BMS-C1 Controller providing playout in Automatic, Live Assist and Manual modes for all situations. Hardware control and playout log-files. Timeline playout with dynamic timing of events with unknown duration. GPIO event handling etc.

· BMS Scheduler Automatic loading according to a schedule

· BMS Alarm provides playout from a list of files when the outgoing audio goes silent after selected a period of time.

Reports and statistics

· BMS-P1 Playlist manager read logfiles and produces reports for music rights holders as well as updates the BMS libraries with the statistics.

· Logs may be exported into the Microsoft Office professional package and then be used for invoicing, reports and other statistics.