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CMS Compressed Media Solutions AB, Grönsta Prästgård, SE—18143 Lidingö Sweden    Click here for a Map

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Let’s keep it simple


Is there a better reason for using a radio production system than time?


It is said “Time is money” but for a fact time is a lot more valuable than money.


Without time you can not do anything regardless of the money.


 Time for You, that’s our vision”.

Environmental Policy


To protect the environment, CMS AB takes active measures to conserve resources and energy in its operations.

The Company's environmental measures are to be based on a holistic approach encompassing all CMS AB operations.

Consequently, all CMS AB companies are to observe the following measures:

- operate in accordance to ISO 9000 and in accordance with ISO 14000

- sorting at source, conserving resources and using energy in a responsible manner

- using the continuous improvement approach to reduce the Company's environmental impact

- favoring suppliers that actively employ environment-protecting measures

- prioritizing materials that can be recycled or recovered

- favoring suppliers that can show that they themselves are taking active measures to reduce their own environmental impact

- increasing employees' awareness of environmental issues

- informing and helping their customers/suppliers in their environment-related efforts

- Minimum travelling and use enegery conserving electronic communications whenever possible



“ Get On Air with the BMS products,

 Your Time.


It is your time that BMS provides you with and you do what you want with it.


That’s why BMS = Your time ”.




Peter ”Joppe” Högfeldt,

Managing Director

CompressedMediaSolutions AB